Efficient Scaling

What Is Application Scalability?

Page load slowly, your network connection time out frequently your client browser hang or take very long to respond, server creeps for request, response handling it is few short of the problem we face in web app loading. So Application scalability is to efficiently handle the more and more request per minute (RPM). It cannot be achieved by just tweaking the vertical and horizontal scaling of the application server or cloud.

Why it is required Application scalability?

By now we have understood what is scalability? we can think of an application why it is really important for thinking about the scalability. We understand the problem but how it is going to impact the developer. There are few short of the problem we can list down here

  • Adding new features takes longer to develop
  • Code can be harder to test
  • Finding and fixing bugs is more frustrating
  • Producing the production environment issue is more difficult.

Efficient Scaling

At a very high level we have to remove the complexity of the code, behavior and divide some request response of the application.

Load Balancing

Try to move in Cloud like AWS which provides the multi-host server and load balancing feature, route 53, ELB which provide better management of app load balance in cloud infrastructure.


Even if our codebase is clean and perfectly maintainable, we need some tools to monitor it and identify the problems as soon as possible. Try using tools like Splunk log aggregator, In AWS Cloud Watch monitor which will give you eventing for application heartbeat and latency.



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